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on cosmic reality

at the beginning of time ...

there was nothing but dark and empty space

and in this nothingness ...

there was developing an entity

dreaming of worlds of wisdom ...

wanting light !

and so it came to be !

infinitely empty space

and all this universe

are having the same amount of total energy

so …

any creator does not have to create energy

he just does want to have a universe

and it will happen

because a universe is part positive energy

and part negative energy

so …

it totals up mathematically to zero

on time ....

what was at the beginning of time ?

to know what to do today

we have to know what was and why is every thing here now

at the beginning of time > there was only emptiness every where !

why ? >

because at the beginning there could only be nothing ........

where would it have come from ?

but space has been there all ways !

 it was definitely not created at the big bang ........

because ? >

what would have been there before ?

but empty space >>>>

now some one will come up and say >

there ist no beginning and no end of time !

and surely >

the beginning of time was with out a start > endlessly !

and the end of time will be with out an end >

infinitely !

why is the universe expanding ever more today ?

because all those trillion suns 

are pushing themselves away from each other
through their radiation and if all those suns are burned out some day
there will be no more drive to push them
away from each other and so the gravity will prevail
and they will for almost an eternity
be falling together to creating the next big bang

on cosmic religion

the universe
needs sapiens to perceive
to love and to protect creation religion does not mean praying
and asking god for winning the lottery god is simply the entity
having had the wish to create

needing homo sapiens

to appreciate this creation

 religion and science
have the same answers
if both are valid

every citizen of this universe
has to know about creation
has to honor this creation

and has to be guarding this creation
as his first priority

authentic sapient life can only be
if cosmic reality being made public
to all cosmic citizens there fore the only dogma
in a cosmic religion being cosmic reality itself

so ... what is the only valid religion ?

resulting out of the above ....

use the universe ... and any world

only as defined by creation !

and consequently from this derive >

all commandments >

fundamental rights from !

as well as the requirement for peace !

all must recognize the cosmic reality

and then ...  guarantee all this !

meaning an accountable life

providing for all ...

no mirage > without vanity !

without physical force > without taboos ...

all must be addressable !

meaning capable of >

being a responsible citizen ...

on government

inhumane needs … determine inhumane consciousness

so only humane need can bring out a humane consciousness

it can not be about

that decisions are made

according to the majority principle

because this is more then wrong

as the state of this world is proving

as the history is prove off

but we have to find the right decision

and that's just an argumentocracy

where the best argumentation

the last one

which is enforceable for everyone

because no one can find a better one


or do you have a better idea ?

since we can not be free to destroy any world

we have to make sure ... no one will get this evil idea !

so we need an argumentocracy

where every one has a voice bringing fore ward

any solution ... any violation of cosmic law

and if no one can bring a better argument fore ward

then the last will be used as for all binding

or is there a better solution possible ?

  we are ... homo sapiens

documenting a day in the life of  >
first planet < in the year 154 after creation
of the first human settlement in this universe ......

note .... a responsible life style ...
can not only be the biggest fun in the universe ....
but being the only life style ... working endlessly ....

because every one can be convinced of what he is doing !
forever ......

since we are homo sapiens ...
we have
of course no democracy
certainly no secret and free voting

but of course an argumentocracy
meaning ... where is the best solution
is used by all

because only the best solution
can be shaping our future for all eternity
where our universe
and all worlds
are preserved to eternity

and should someone
bring forward a scientifically provable
better solution > then this will be used

of course we have no theocracy
even though it is our entire existence
to conserve
this universe and all its people
so ... we live according to a religion

there is no humanity with power positions
but an alienating hierarchy

and alienation creates automatically
and principally criminal energy

which will lead to a secession
as soon as no power can prevent it
because power exertion makes it natural
to creating this cleavage

of course there is no money here
and consequently no capitalism
since this only can be the end
of every thing

we create everything that we need
so .... that we have everything
and of course we can keep it
for millions of years ...

we are looking at > first planet
at our very right > the sun

below left

what is looking like a tiny moon
being the space ship
watching out for the safety .....

parked in geo stationary orbit over the settlement
with only the sensor doors open !

we are seeing no lites an the planet be low !
no sign of any settlement ... or manufacturing
the only thing to indicating any population as of now

are the out rigger sail boats beached
the solar electric rovers > the river boats .... 
but there is an emergency plan ready
to put all those under cover should any need arise !

the camouflaged hydro electric plant at the river falls
is not operating

the lites for orientation in all the housing
and control centers is being supplied
by tiny local thermo nuclear power plants
from the former uses on the roboter ships
and planet rovers  ....

there is no other hind of any human population
any where from here ....

naturally ... no broadcasting
of any radio trans mission of this world
can be received at any distance

as all communication is done 
by quanta communicators
low power short distance equipment
through under ground lines  ....

we are now in the main command room
the display showing >

automatic surveillance mode on
no space sensors > no space ships
now asteroid on coordinates 

6 39 15.70 > 2 16 22.17

received quanta message from planet two
but no frequency messages > 
since automatic mode started !

the crew sleeping
like all residents be low on the planet ....

we are now going toward the first planet 
seeing a robot ship > monitoring the settlement
seeing a predator going toward it ....

notifying the nearest planet rover automatically
at the planet surface

there the animal repulsion system is activated
and the tiger is making a U turn and going off ....

we are now in a cave > at the rivers bank
seeing two children in the dawn of the new day !
the increasing light being brought in their room
by an automated mirror from the rising sun

the led clock showing 5 45 .... the date 05 03 0154 
at this moment 

the boy is waking up and looking what time
and saying aloud

" having to be getting up soon ! "

when his sister is opening he
r eyes too .....

now we are in the kitchen of the cave
where the boy is telling his parents there >
that he does not want to go to school today

but be playing with his friends at the river ....
his mom asking him >

what they are having in school today ?
and he startles ....

because he was to show off
his experiment of mixing colors today !

so ... he thinks

he will be going to school today after all ...
to be showing off > an electric motor

where a disk of all colors in sectors ....
will be becoming an off white once turning ...

the mother saying
we are having

commanders day 100th anniversary
coming up in 3 days

then we will all be having off ...
and dancing and singing together all day long
do you remember what he has been doing for us ?

yes ... says the girl

he was the founder of our religion
he and his crew of a space ship

put the tyrant and his bandits of the empire
on a planet to die ...

while having time to realize
all their wrong doing ...

and settled this world for us
free of any wrong doings ....

I am > because we all are !
and we can be > because I can be .....

what is the supreme law ?

the universe ... and any world
use only as defined by creation !

and consequently from this derive
all commandments 

fundamental rights from !

as well as the requirement for peace !
all must recognize the present reality
and then ...  guarantee a new !
meaning an accountable life
providing for all ...

no mirage > without conceit !
without physical force > without taboos ...
all must be addressable !
meaning capable of 

being a responsible citizen ...

then he went off in his spirit later on
leaving his body be hind here

to be helping a native population living
after our religion in some other galaxy !
and this day we are celebrating
what he having done for us ....

all the other relatives are coming in now ...
many being over a hundred years old

they are fixing breakfast now
from the seeds

they have been collecting days ahead
and rolling them out

soaking them since last evening
and now adding fruits and nuts to it !
after eating the kids are going off to school >

half of the adults
are going collecting lunch ingredients
the others going to their work ....
since this being the first settlement ...

the galactic c
ounsel being here
and the co ordination

of all the things to being done

the counsel members are considering
the danger from the asteroid
sending a robot ship to it

to making star dust out of it
to fertilizing our planet !

the message from planet two
will be considered now ...

to our dear galactic counsel members 
as you know ....

we have arrived at our new home month ago ! taking inventory of all plants and animals pathogens and toxins ... atmospheric components being confirmed ... animal population is in a very early state ! having selected a location for the new settlement ! like our first> at first planet ... at a river bank in a desert within the tropics >

since the sun shining less than at first planet > we will be limiting the settlements to the near equator ... there are limited places for caves ... so we will later be building

partially submerged housing there
since the bank mostly does not have enough slope to it and since there .... be no more need for exclusively camouflaged housing ...

we will be all moving into are new housing now

to be celebrating commanders day ...
all together on our new future planet !

leaving the space ship two > at automatic command mode ...

our dearest regards to all of you
for having made this possible ....

commander ss2

the counsel members compose a reply and congratulations >
for the successful start of a new settlement ....
on the second planet ...

there while in a another galaxy > the spirit of the commander !
still working on an evolution to a higher race > there !

the harbor being down river >
the space craft factory being at the hydro electric plant

up the river  ...

right here > many service work shops for all the technology used
note books having direct led screens ... using less than 1 watt >
the rest having only 100 mhz > and the OS being optimized
as well as all the applications for this ....

there is only one model for each use >
and that being build to last a 1000 years ....

then at 11 they all coming together again to eating lunch
under the trees by the river ...

then at 1 pm they are going to take place
at the workers who are now hunting
and collecting for diner and the next day until 5 pm

then eating together with their families ...

after they are just resting and talking things over
so no problems are unsolved ...

till at about mid night > they are having a snack
to be sleeping again till the morning ....

there is no hierarchy ...

because this would be an alienation
and be a coming problem for all !

everything must be
transparent >
everything must be understood by all !

only in an emergency >

there is a command structure > thus eg in a spaceship
at a sea crossing > so if there is no time for talks !

but even then all orders ... spoken about in retrospect >
and reviewed by all ... to find the better answer !

just as there is no democracy or theocracy ...
since only ... if all can agree > the answer will be right !

and only if there is no time there will be >

temporary solutions used ....
till a valid solution is found !

and should any individual or a group
not be responsible for our universe >

not willing to be responsive ...
then this necessity will be carried forward with all force !

while there is every freedom to act on your own
there must be no exclusion for any one or any thing >

everything must > stay part of the creation !
because as soon as anybody is excluded

he will be feeling alienated ....
then arises >>> a criminal association ...

and each organized crime on a world >
even this whole universe > we will  prevent !
there can be no freedom for the destruction of a people
or a world > and this is the core of our religion !

where there is no deception what so ever

only homo sapiens > knowing exactly > what they are doing >
and what effect this is having on eternity ...

and now ... a billion years later ...

our commanders idea still working fine !
the only difference >

we are having populated almost a million galaxies
where there are a million planets each ... having a few millions ....

so we are a trillion strong >

but still there is no where any war >
no force necessary ...

since we solve any problem every day ...

so our galactic nation > note singular !

because we are all united to keep things just this way ....
meaning there is no competition for any thing worthless !

destructive ....

we are using still the same concept technology
no need for a million different printers > pcs

but to having total star peace guarantied  !

so now ... we are having to look at this very great problem
many millions of lite years away in what those problems there

call their milky way ....

so we are now in geostationary orbit over this planet earth !
this being like a cold shower in the morning  ....

already from this distance >
because we are seeing millions of lites >

on the dark side of the planet !
because these poor things need to be having
all this diversion going on

till they are falling asleep in their bed
while watching television !

our spectrum analyzers having millions of signals
already received since from very far away ....

we are now checking out the planets environment
seeing all this floating garbage drifting in the oceans
checking water quality > contaminated with heavy metals

while predators are going strong !!!
and are under conservation ...

the smaller fish are being depleted .....
insanity where ever we are looking !

because these democracies >
are having those in power

having the greatest insane ideas >
every where waste > frustration

entertainment > diversion > illness >
speeding from one idiocracy to the next !

we can not stand this any longer ....
we are having to call the galactic pest control ?

because nowhere >
can those natives even discuss their problems  ...
let alone solve them !

and we see just clearly for our very eyes >
what those insane will be doing
in a million years ....

wasting all this galaxy and then beyond .....

we need to realize >
that .... this here ... is the planet of satan !

where the individual either will ...
taking care of his psychopathic interests >
at the cost of this world >

meaning this environment and his people
or he must believe that everything will be >>>

well at the end  !!!
otherwise he will not be desirable anywhere
because shunned all over !

because the aspiration of this satan
is definitely the enslavement of this population
for the purposes of the destruction of this planet >
and this is not the first time !

around 75 million years ago > this project satan has been started
and another world was destroyed and many millions
made to evil zombies of this satan !

these souls then came here > and
created  this planet of satan!
incarnated in these chimpanzees >
and their mischief started again ...

only if we realize this reality > in everything we do > retain >
we can keep the evil of using us > as the zombies for his envy !
meaning use us for his purposes > meaning destruct gods creation
because this evil > is just envious of
gods success !
he can not bear this creation ...

as well as many of this population > can not stand this creation !
because otherwise they would not deny its existence ....
and without any be lief in god

going down the road of destruction
or all of these co operating "religions">
meaning this hypocritical ...

the ones >  continuously
as zombies just helping this evil satan ...

not be heeding this reality !

money .... can only be the biggest problem !

just think of ...

you would not have to get it every which way you could !?
and then you could not go to a car dealer and buying one of those
biggest problems you could think of > and then you could not
get to a gas station !!!

and wasting all the hydro carbons

and in 10 years > this contraption would be needing a replacement !
there while you could be getting a solar electric car > lasting a millennia !
wasting no resources > and making a lot more fun to drive it !

if only your government would allow you to be driving this slow
and you could be affording to buy one of those

on the contrary > if there is no money >
and you do not need to be driving around all over >
and you work place is right next door ....

and all of the things you need !
are right there >

being brought to you by a hydro electric power train
by a solar voltaic river boat >

or being right there produced !

what a wonderful world this would be
where every one would be doing things >
because they want to be doing them !

because they are having all the time >
to making every thing lasting for ever ....

and they are not having to making them to sell in competition
but just giving them away on any one appreciating them

everyone must answer for themselves >

whether he is working for his successful dying !
for example > in the now economy be a shame of himself ...

or if he is working on a future ....
for example....
guaranteeing human dignity ...
and long term safety !

and everyone must bear the consequences
for his doings .....

he who believes ...

that there be a difference in principal
between the past and the today's nations
or between all these nations here off ....

is having a thinking disorder !

because everywhere today and in the past >
people in a group ...... are forced into line !
and these groups forced to a nations line .....

and then all the nations ... to see how a climate is flipping !
because nowhere > is the universal law in effect ....

meaning the law of this universe >  the creation of this !
so this whole idea of a sovereignty > being wrong .....

because no individual can be free > about his aspirations >
except his personal preferences

so .... " I prefer
now to put some green garb on or maybe .... "

neither ... can any nation decide > whether it >
will be wasting the planetary resources now ....

or .... can any world decide
to have
all these environmental disasters ....
nor can this galaxy decide > whether or what law she to have ....

since everything should be responsible
therefore understandable > meaning humane !

so there can in principle >
be no
animals in a human settlement !
that is simply unacceptable>

because they can > never understand >
that it is not humane > to behave like an animal !

or a bug ....

on planet earth

homo sapiens?

mindless destruction !
who mean

a state would be sovereign

for example

the planetary resources can be squandered

to glorify a democracy

be flipping the climate?

or there could be a freedom of religion

so the citizen could believe what he wants !

so finish off his world ?

or the citizens could walk around

with a predator animal pack

guarding humans ?

that is absurd !

that can never work

that is why it does not work

that is why no one knows

what could be done ?

with this pest ...

which must be going under state supervision !

the problem seeming ...

that all those are perpetually
in puberty and because this having proofing to them
that their parents are incapable
of being responsible they are stuck into
his phase of this development so how do you get them out of it ?
if all this trauma is much to painful for them
so tending to being avoided and instead wanting love and fun
like any infantile
any small baby so what would any woman want ?
but to lying in front of the fire place
with her big daddioo having made billions
in realty watching some flick from hollywood
taking flight from reality

this population is not any hope of our universe
but a danger to

not even a potential interest in knowledge

authentic communication or solutions but ever more propaganda
for their satanic state there for all those criminals
can not tolerate humans or to guarantee their human rights but all their existence
their very quality
their success >>> no homo sapiens ! just this selection of criminals ....


all those billions

have no taste what so ever
may not have any taste it all ! because their very selection
is to be guarding all those criminal tastes

all those will never learn any thing from history 

because they want to stay in power
and those not staying in power
will never change any thing
but will be changed

the destiny of planet earth is determined

through the fact of this being
the planet of satan and all those billions
are zombies of satan being just jealous of creation
so he can just waste creation
to satisfy this emotion and we ... the trillion homo sapiens
the guardians of creation can do nothing else but to save creation
by just eliminating this population because they are not learning from their history
or from us > because they have no free will so what do you think will happen ?

galactic foundation

on satanic eve

and now ...
we will be looking at
the source of all this evil >

how can a planetary population ?
be this insane > to waste their very future
in a hundred years .... ?

being not even able to talk about
this driven population ...
about their insanity

let us start with what every one can see
in every t v show ... in all this propaganda
in every news paper or internet >

we are seeing satanic eve
being not even able to talk about
why she is not willing to even let humans
talk about any solution

about why she is so loving towards animals
especially predators !

why she is so loving artificiality
meaning ... all this no sense at all art
all this virtual reality

why there is every citizen talking about
saving jobs ???

when no one should be talking about them
but to work on a humane paradise !
an a meaningful life

a responsible way of life !

have you ever tried to make any sense out of ?
what satanic eve is even saying ?

it is making no sense it all !

so let us look at what is happening
when her son is being born

what will she do ?

she will be training him to being
a trained predator

like the one with the dog tag on !
loving her ....

just waiting for her every insane wishes
guarding her till death

she will not let him say one word on reality
on this tormenting him to his

spiritual death in no time it all !

and what will she do with her husband ?
will she want to be sailing off to paradise
any responsible living it all ?

or will she be buying all this waste every day
wanting all this flying to hell
her home ...

to satans home !

so ... this being the planet of satan
and every one of those billions is a satanic eve
or a satanic adam > wasting all humans
bombing every hope to their
very death

where only the freedom
to waste every thing is wanted

where no human will be able to exist
because all this is not honorable

but a shame to all our universe

have you any idea now ?
why we have no argumentocracy here on earth !


why there is no solution possible
why only problems are getting better every day !

because every one is a conceited idiot
thinking about nothing but their vanity ....

for as long as ... all those billions
are striving just for their fata morgana
there will be no authentic human paradise
just death ...

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